Get to Know Me Meme: [5] Favorite Relationships

Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby: The Great Gatsby

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Deep down, you’ve always wanted Buffy to accept you - to love you, even.

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street-smart chameleon in a kaleidoscopic mystery

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LOST » Sawyer & Juliet:Whatever happens,I got your back, remember?”

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i didn’t do my homework but i did do this

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"Dearest Cecilia, the story can resume. The one I had been planning on that evening walk. I can become again the man who once crossed the surrey park at dusk, in my best suit, swaggering on the promise of life. The man who, with the clarity of passion, made love to you in the library. The story can resume. I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live without shame."

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He’s very talented. He’s charming.He mirrors everyone. And actually, the original story had a lot to do with mirrors, and in many iterations of the story we’d talk about mirrors and we’d bring them up and so I held on a little to that.

And he’s goofy with [Anna], he’s a little more bold and aggressive with the Duke, ‘cause the Duke’s a jerk so he’s a jerk back, and then, with Elsa he’s a hero. 

What Hans is is a mirror, charming, but hollower, sociopathic. [Anna’s] so lonely, that it’s like she’s falling in love with her reflection in the pond. (x)

It’s important to note that in the original story the main “antagonist” (or really the thing that fucked shit up) was an evil mirror that froze people’s hearts